Welcome to our online companion for careful readers and teachers of Mark McMorris’s work. You will find reviews and analysis of his books, interviews with McMorris, as well as other writings from him.

Mark McMorris is a poet, with his most recent collections being The Book of Landings, Entrepôt, and The Café at Light. He is a two-time winner of the Contemporary Poetry Series Prize, and has received The Gertrude Stein Award in Innovative American Poetry. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, he is currently professor of English at Georgetown University.

His latest work, The Book of Landings, is a collection of Mark McMorris’ series of “Auditions for Utopia” series poetry. Culminating the second and third stages of the trilogy begun by McMorris’ book, Entrepot, The Book of Landing relays the aftermath of the first stage of McMorris’ evolution into understanding space. Using this collection of poetry, McMorris scrutinizes the utopia built by colonialism, politics, conquest, and war. By removing the work from its physical geography, McMorris is a master, creating a universal piece surrounding human experience and marking the fragmented motion of movement towards understanding what it means to exist and what space itself means to the individual.

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